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InterCalc is a simple application which performs linear interpolation and simple calculation operations.




After inputting a set of X-Y coordinates through the setup view to describe any sort of function, points at other values of X or Y are linearly interpolated based on the nearest neighbors.  In the Conversion view an X value is converted / interpolated to the corresponding Y value using the input X-Y data.

One simple example use for this application is estimating the volume in a container given the pressure at the bottom of the container. As the container is initially filled, pressure readings can be taken from the bottom of the container, and recorded together with the volume of fluid in the container at the time. Subsequently the amount of liquid in the container can be estimated simply by measuring the pressure at the bottom of the tank and then converting that pressure value to a volume using the preceding measurements. 



Example Conversion


Conversion of pressure ( 9  inches ) to gallons ( 413.5 gallons).  Previous conversions are shown in the list below making it easy to keep track of changing values.  Items can be deleted from this list by swiping to the left on any item.





InterCalc has two tab views. The first tab shows conversions that have been configured and the second tab is used to configure new conversions.


To add a new conversion click on the Setup - two gears tab, and click the "+" sign in the upper right. This will bring up a view to create a new conversion.

The first 3 lines simply deal with the description of the conversion: Title, Convert (from) and (convert) To. The fourth line is used to specify the number of digits to the right of the decimal in the result. The "Recents" line is used to specify how many recent values (or previous values) to retain in a list.
In the two columns in the next section the X and Y values are entered to describe the relationship.


Simple Conversions


Linear conversions are simple such converting Celcius to Fahrenheit or kph to mph, or kg to pounds - even currency conversion.


Simply enter two points on the line and you are done. For example to convert C to F, simply enter two corresponding points, such as the freezing and boiling points.